Teleri (telerib) wrote in oneaweek,

Praise poem for a friend

A friend of mine in a medieval re-enactment group was named Northern Regional Commander of the armies of Atlantia. By way of congratulations, I just hammered this out:

Eager and ready are Eastern warriors
Strong, hardy men from snow-covered reaches
Bold, brave battlers border our north
Atlantia's best must bar their way
Wise is Ragnar right choice made
Good battle-king great in wisdom
Seeking in Storvik a stalwart man
His thane Johanna offers her best
From these warriors a warlord of old
Many campaigns called forth has he
Keen of mind mettlesome man
Sylvanus Perrin praised in men's songs
Well will he lead large armies now
From broken black tower borders are watched
Fear, foemen! The fight will be hard.
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