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Random silly stuff.

Merry noticed rather abruptly that Frodo was acting oddly. He had his cloak pulled over his head, so that only his eyes were visible in the deep twilight, and the Ring, hanging as it was from its chain 'round the Bearer's neck. Merry thought that this was somewhat strange, and now that he thought of it, Frodo had been behaving in a decidedly un-Frodolike fashion since the martial arts training with Boromir. Merry made his way over to the Bearer and crouched down. "Frodo?" he asked, eyes wide. "Are you all right, then?"

Frodo hissed. "Not Frodo."

Merry drew back in alarm, and was about to call out when Frodo continued. "...I'm BATMAN."

Suddenly, Frodo called out. "Orcs! To the Batmobile!"

Behind him, Boromir and Aragorn exchanged glances. "Right," said Strider, "no more television for the Bearer."
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